Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The past few weeks have been tough on Napoleon. To recap:

  • The argument was successfully framed in Rush v Fluke. Napoleon actually went so far to insert himself into the matter, a calculated move to shore up his support among women. It didn't work. In fact it kinda backfired. Rush is still standing. Carbonite and HBO are seeing losses. The fight's not over, but I just don't see Napoleon as being ahead.
  • Napoleon released an anti-Palin video. One could only guess the timing of HBO's drive-by had something to do with it, a sort of one-two punch. It's not working, and people are getting very tired with Palin Derangement Syndrome.
  • The pigs at the DOJ are at it again, this time blocking a voter ID law in Texas (who you shouldn't mess with). It is not resonating with voters (e.g., read the comments here at the left leaning Philly Inquirer). I personally hate their line of reasoning ("it's too hard") because it portrays the people they think they are helping as incompetent, lazy slugs.

    The President and his acolytes thought they had an easy victory against Rush. When that seemed to falter, plan B was PDS. Not working. When all else is failing, the ultimate cheap fallback was LOOKIE-LOOKIE RACISM. It really isn't working.

    What we have seen in the past weeks are descending levels of cheap misdirection. Why? Lessee...5 dollar/gallon gas...the deficit...Afghanistan gone wild...inflation near record highs...rampant unemployment...a battered economy...foreign policy in shambles...

    There is a strong aroma of desperation emanating from Pennsylvania Ave. One could only guess that every social hot-button will be pressed before November, if not sooner. It reminds me of a great line from Episode IV:

    That's all for now. Keep fighting. Be Breitbart.

    K T Cat said...

    What? You mean allying yourself with pampered, 30-year-old sluts studying law at private colleges was a bad idea? Who knew?

    drozz said...

    she is the 1%