Thursday, March 1, 2012

For Andrew

In memoriam: Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

Today I received the horrible news that we lost Andrew Breitbart. Shocking, to say the least; the man was 43 and seemed to really be hitting his stride.

We live in a weird time in the US. Pop culture tells us many values that we are to conform to. For example, we are constantly told that it's perfectly fine to break the law, lie, and trample other people's rights if you know deep down your cause is righteous. Dan Rather, OWS, the anti-Walker protests, and Mr. Gleick are just a few good examples.

We are told that hard work, success, and accomplishment are to be deemed evil. Examples include our Dear President, who hates the rich so much that he decided to become one of them. Also see Pelosi, Boxer, Hollywood, etc.

We are told we are entitled. Free condoms, free health care, free education, etc. Most importantly, we are entitled to freedom from failure.

We are told it's always someone else's fault. It's not your fault you purchased a 500k McMansion that you can't pay for. It's not your fault you signed a college loan you can't pay for. It's not your fault the team didn't win. The non-personalized failure is to be attributed to a Golem of society.

We are told to not judge people based on skin color. Unless your skin is black, white, yellow, or any other.

We are told to be religiously open minded. Christianity excepted, 'cause fuck them. It's not like if you insult them they will do anything.

We are told all of these things on a daily basis from the elite. We were told to accept these cultural norms and all those who do not are racist, fascist, bigoted, bitter clingers, flat-earthers, etc. We are told these things by the supposed rebels on MTV,the educators, the edgy artists and liberal thinkers of today.

Real rebels go against the grain. They do not conform to popular society. While the standards of society may change, this base definition is unalterable.

In this respect, Andrew was a true rebel in the purest form. He was a nobody who stood up, extended both middle fingers to popular society, and in no uncertain terms said "FUCK YOU, BRING IT".

We lost a general and a patriot. I won't forget him. This blog is dedicated to his memory.

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