Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My .25 on the Whole Limbaugh Thing

A brief history:
  • Girl wants a private religious institution to break their belief system to accommodate hers.
  • Girl believes in getting 3k worth of birth control means for free. She is entitled to it, because gold diaphragms ain't cheap, I guess.
  • Girl is called a derogatory name. By a conservative. Cue ensuing uproar and pearl clutching from the left accompanied by shrill screams of intolerance (against the religious, the religion, and the institution; not against the girl. Important distinction).

    What irks me:
  • It's a Catholic institution. The term "when hell freezes over" seems apt.
  • Subsidizing her sex life. Awesome.
  • There are a multitude of options she can choose from to get around this issue. Some involve some kind of discipline or restraint. Why is the left so against choice?
  • Rush apologized. Why? I don't know. Breitbart would have not backed down.

  • Our hypocrite apologize in chief calling said offended female to console and express his support against said name calling. Why does this bother me? This broad is 30 years old. She willingly went before congress to give slanted testimony about her sex life. Did she really expect everyone to applaud and give her a medal? Life sucks, toots. People will call you bad names every once in a while.
  • Obama is supported by Bill Maher et al. They consider it a sin against society for woman to chose to be conservative. They are very vocal about their opposition. See Palin Derangement Syndrome. What this girl was called pales in comparison to the outright harrassment and baseless insult Palin has received. And Palin doesn't need a call from Obama. She keeps fighting.

    The Bottom Line:
    You can remove the divide of church and state by eliminating the church. No church, and the people just have the state. This is why the first thing fascists go after is organized religion. Christianity is an easy target, so break a window and continue the intimidation tactics. Frame the argument as being about women's' rights, and not, you know, the first amendment.

    SarahB said...

    At first I was tweeked that Rush apologised. But I realized that it created an abrupt end to the social conservative/contraception bashing that was starting to dominate the primary...vs. the economy. The left wanted to drag this out until November, but it's run it's course and they are stuck trying to fake employment numbers again.

    K T Cat said...

    A link is on the way in a post scheduled for later today.

    drozz said...

    thx KT!

    Sarah-be prepared for more misdirection, framing of the issues, etc.

    just remember: employment can reach 0% if enough people leave the workforce.