Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Dad's Advice

Was talking with my dad last night. I was asking his opinion on the GOP landscape right now; while we differed on who should get the nomination (me:Gingrich, dad:Santorum), he stated something that really sunk in.

To sum up, the GOP is killing itself. The GOP positions are not the cause. It's the players involved. They have been nothing but cheapshotting, angry backstabbers willing to do anything to attain power. And therein lies the problem. Why vote for these horrific folk?

In order to start winning, the GOP needs a single candidate, right now. Paul needs to drop out, as does Gingrich and Santorum. It pains me to say it, but Romney has to be the guy. The next step is to focus on the past three years of this petty, arrogant, and amateur regime. Make Napoleon run for re-election based on his presidency, and the GOP can win.


B-Daddy said...

I feel bad agreeing with you because, as a Romney supporter, it sounds self serving. However, your logic is sound.

Shane Atwell said...

Nice blog.

Have to disagree about the GOP though. Its positions are in fact what are killing it. It tries to support nanny state regulations, sin taxes, and altruist wars while pretending to be for freedom, individualism and capitalism. It can't have both. It can't have its cake and eat it too (the cake being capitalism, the eating being the welfare state?). The GOP needs to jettison either its limited gov't folks or its statists. As long as it embraces both, it'll keep circling the drain. So its not about personalities, its about the basic ideas of the GOP which can't be reconciled.

drozz said...

thank you both for taking the time to comment, as well as putting up with a very disjointed writing style (i'm working on it).

while i do agree with shane about the rift in the GOP, i still think the point stands that the GOP has to decide on a candidate now and end this self-destructive process.

SarahB said...

I agree that the quality of our choices makes it hard for the GOP to adapt to the more Libertarian needs of today's average Republican. They really don't 'get it'...we either must be patient for the new crop to get their sea legs, or a new party will take over. Frustrating times none-the-less.

P.S. Thanks for linking my site! And welcome to our merry community of agitators.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Welcome to the wide world of blogging!

The tremendous thing about blogging is having a chance to think through your own positions with feedback from some thoughful people.

It seems that my most popular articles engage in the most controversial subjects. Most readers are looking for new information and other seek points of view that support their ideology.

For instance, I am not a "birther" in that I do not argue the place of Barack Obama's birth, but several of my posts investigating the facts of "natural born citizenship" are popular. The tactics used to prevent a judicial "decision on the merits" of the case expose a true scandal.

My suggestion is to seek the truth in one of the multitude of areas neglected by our biased media. Truth is hard to hear and write, but it is what has value.

K T Cat said...

Santorum, not Romney. Romeny's the one that made this whole campaign jump in the gutter.

drozz said...

I agree; been following professor Jacobsen over at legal insurrection and watching romney take people down is...unsettling.

so why would i still vote for romney? well, to paraphrase WC Fields, I never actually voted FOR anybody.