Friday, March 9, 2012

Rush Part II

Alas, I thought I would be one and done with this issue. Just when I was moving on, noted seahag Gloria Allred has now inserted herself into the fray.

Double Standard Industries(TM) has been lucky enough to find* a preliminary copy of Rush's response:

From the Desk of Rush Limbaugh

09 March 2012

ATTN: Gloria Allred

Ms. Allred:

I am very sorry that you slut were offended slut. It was never my intention slutty slut to cause any emotional slut damage. Please accept my sluttiest heartfelt apology slut. Slut I hope we can meet sometime in slutland where you occupy sluts. Slut Slut slit-slat-slut slut the slut in the slut, and we can slutter to slut our sluts with sluts, together as sluts. Slut? You slut it!

Very Respectfully,


*Make up.

ed-i was going to just do the 'ol McAuliffe "NUTS" routine, but this just popped out. Time to double down, Rush.


K T Cat said...

I slut agree.

SarahB said...

I would give my second born to actually see that happen!

drozz said...

Sara- i beleive "conniption fit of the exorcised" wouldn't even begin to describe Ms. Allred's reaction.