Wednesday, April 11, 2012

...And We're Back

Final tally: 4 rudderfish (one got the largest fish pool), 2 porgies, and 1 vermilion snapper. Not bad, but no cobia. Everyone else got one, but I'm not bitter. Selah.

I love hockey; it's the sacrifice. The way that pain will take the backseat to making the right play. The selflessness, the team work.

I love the way I feel when shutting downl the opposing team's best scorer. Making people bang their sticks off the boards in frustration. Drawing retaliation penalties. Jumping in after the whistle to help my teammates. Shotblocking, the numbness, and getting right back out there the next shift. New bruises. Occasionally bailing out the goalie.

I love when the game ends and I get to pat the goalie on top of the helmet.

I even love the smell of the ice.

The playoffs up the drama. Let coach Lavvy explain it:

So the Spring is always special for me as the postseason begins. This season more so: my Flyers play our bitter cross-state rival the Penguins. I loathe the Penguins, and everything about them. And I'm sure they feel the same.

If you don't like hockey, I suggest you watch at least one game of this series. Tonight is a prime example of how truly awesome and dramatic just one game can be. I will post the highlights when available. For now, the only thing I can do to relax is to take some old pain meds.

ed-here's the deathblow.

Go Flyers.


Nittany Turkey said...

I told Byelsma to go all Boudreau on those guys after last night's embarrassment. At least maintain the pressure after the first intermission, damnit!


drozz said...

that reminds me. gotta pay off that linesman. he came through...

in general terms, it was the pens d that lost that game. they stopped contesting the 50/50 pucks at a playoff level.

still, it's just one game.