Thursday, April 26, 2012

Comment of the (insert time period here)

The regime had another bad day in court.  Same players involved (less Kagan), worse outcome for the regime.

Link is here for transcripts, etc.  Highlights covered here.

As I said before, BS does not fly well with the Supremes. 

Anyhoo, your comment of the (insert time period here) belongs to Alex Kirk, who in response to the above article succinctly stated:

     "At moments the transcript reads like a Monty Python skit"

Bonus material provided via Orson Swindle:

     "They'll fight out the scrum with two weapons: bribery and bullshit. Bribery gets a bad name, but at least it's genuine. Bullshit, at any latitude, is just bullshit, and is the Nerf Battleaxe carried into battle by someone with no other resort. It has its own bravery, admittedly. It also crumples the minute you hit it with something hard like facts, or better still, a real live goddamn battleaxe."

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