Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Message

-We here at Double Standard Industries (tm) wish to express our sincerest apologies for lack of posting this week. Life got in the way. So did Flyers' brand of hockey (see The Nittany Turkey link to the right for details), which is part of life and is redundant to this paragraph.

Posting will resume in earnest soon. Complete with the usual perversion of the English language that is more than commonplace on this fair site.

-The Management


Nittany Turkey said...

Not so fast! If the Flyers keep up the fine goaltending, the weakened Pens' vital signs might just strengthen dramatically. Fat chance, I know, but if they keep playing like tonight, at least they go down swinging -- their sticks, not their fists.

Did you notice that Laviolette looked like he spent Tuesday at the day spa and Giorgio Armani? He wanted to be all dapper for the post-sweep interviews and party. I think that's probably where most of the Flyers' heads were, if not straight up their asses.

About time there was some production from Malkin and Staal! I hope it's a portent of things to come.

Is Bryzgalov on the next slow boat to Siberia?


drozz said...

after they were gifted that first PP and goal, they just kind of took their foot off the petal.

and bryz's rebound control and positioning from the malkin goal onward was just laughable.

i was actually at the game. so glad i blew money to watch that garbage. stayed the whole time, too.