Monday, April 23, 2012

Today in Schadenfreude

A few things jump out here:

-Not one mention why the pensions are being frozen. Not one. Instead of "what can we do to help" it's GIMME GIMME MINE MINE. Person after person just sits there with a bewildered look on their face, shocked and repeating the same endgames. Which is funny, because it's almost like all appearing above were reading from the same script.
-Surprised nobody mentioned the word "bailout".
-This happened. Really, it did. When profits were plunging at the Times these 1%s GOT PAID.

Evolution is a funny thing. When you don't evolve, you cease to exist.

The Times hasn't evolved. They are dying. Which is truly ironic, because all these progressive f$%ktards claim to believe in evolution.


SarahB said...

Who do these people think they work for...the Federal Government? Guess no body told this brain trust they work for the private sector.

drozz said...

profit motives do weird things to organizations