Friday, May 25, 2012

Brett Kimberlin Day

Hollywood has done a great job over the years giving us monsters.  Frankenstein, zombies, demons, all creatures supernatural.  The first and second Alien movies particularly terrorized me as a child (can't wait for Prometheus).

They've also given us more realistic monsters; Max Cady in Cape Fear springs to mind.  Hannibal Lector, who was loosely based on several serial killers including William Coyne.  Sean Miller in Patriot Games. You get the picture.

Still, it was just a movie.

When you grow up and have a family, the most frightening movies are the ones you can imagine actually transpiring on what you value most.  The HBO series Oz personally represents the vanguard of terror because someone with a little time, motivation, and intelligence can destroy your world.

And that's why people like Brett Kimberlin need to be exposed.

Imagine it's one in the morning, and a swat team shows up at your door.  In front of your neighbors, you are cuffed, your wife manhandled, and your kids scared witless.  All because someone placed a crank call to the police to get you "swatted".

Imagine getting fired because a convicted terrorist called your employers with false complaints.  You get fired not because of the false complaints, but because a terrorist is calling your place of employment.

Imagine your wife getting fired for the same.

Imagine your wife being threatened at her work, and having to move.

Imagine being harassed with multiple frivolous lawsuits and being bankrupted.

Imagine that these monsters are enabled by people like Barbara Streisand.

Now imagine that the only reason this happened is because you chose to exercise freedom of speech.

These things are happening.  Patterico has the best scoop so far, and I urge everyone to take the twenty minutes or so to read the summary of events.

Every tweet today will have #brettkimberlin attached.  Every comment on nonblog websites will have #brettkimberlin mentioned. 

And if you have a chance, hit the tip jar on Stacy McCain's blog.

Update: a fund has been set up for bloggers affected by this parasite.  Please donate.
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