Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gay Marriage

Ah...sweet, sweet, misdirection.

So Napoleon finally "evolved".  Besides this being another politically convenient flip-flop, here's my issue: this isn't evolution. 

This is evolution:

Please note that in the above picture, we go from left to right ending at a current state.

Given Napoleon's public stance on gay marriage, evolution in the above illustration would start  at the far right (1996, "unequivocal support for gay marriage"), then drifts back a step (1998, "undecided"), then seemingly slides back (2004; for civil unions but not for gay marriage), then falls completely to the beginning (2008 one man one woman = marriage), and then somehow ends up back at the far right (2012, LOOKIT ME EVOLVED GAY MARRIAGE GOOD).

Look, I have no problem with people changing their mind after consideration.  But this is merely transparent, spineless pandering for more election wampum.

And on top of that, Napoleon can't even use the term "evolve" properly.  More proof that this regime is anti-science.

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