Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Flight Home

My flight was delayed out of Vegas last night, forcing me to miss my Boston connector to Baltimore.  Luckily, there was a plane leaving for DC (Reagan-DCA) that was held up and I was able to jump on.  Even got my own row near the front.

Behind me sat an Australian and an American.  They loudly struck up conversation.  At one point, the Aussie had some questions about our political system.  The American informed the Aussie he was a low level staffer for "one of the richest Senators".  Given the description provided and that we were rolling out of Boston, I think Kerry might be a safe assumption.

And I give the staffer credit, he did start off the explanation with his leanings and gave a rather thorough explanation on how the three branches worked.

And then things turned onto Obama.  The staffer admitted that he has fallen well below expectations only because the expectations were so high, and he really got "tons of f-ing stuff done", like the stimulus which "nobody really f-ing read" but was cool because of an educational grant competition.. 

Oh, and it was explained that America's international image was rescued by Obama.

So yeah, I was gripping my armrests tightly.

Then the Tea Party came up.  The staffer said that all Senators hated (his words, not mine) the Tea Party because they were non-compromising obstructionists.  He explained that the Tea Party "...just didn't understand how things typically got done in our government".

That last statement really made me smile.

update: AND LUGAR GOES DOWN.  Smile just got noticeably bigger.

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