Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Twitter Account: Suspended

Posting with the hashtag #describeobamainthreewords.

This should be interesting.

update 1- went here for help.  Looking at other options.  Also going through the twitter bureaucracy.  Me no like the gulag

update 2- had acess to my account, tweets, followers, etc.  Just couldn't post anything.  Account is back to being suspended.

update 3- advice from commenter Hank DeCat over on Twitchy.
"Only(sic) to start a new account (get a new, free email address via hotmail or gmail), start following people you used to & tweet them directly to tell them your situation -- everyone is usually good about spreading the word to get you new followers/refresh your memory on who you were following. Make sure you tweet @freechrisloesch directly too -- that isn't Chris Loesch's account, but that guy tries to keep track of all users who have been sent to Twittergulag. Meanwhile, as you set up your new account, follow the steps MM has already laid out to get your old account un-suspended. here:
My old account was suspended almost 2 weeks ago -- I did not break even ONE of the Twitter TOS. That account is still suspended (despite following above steps), but my new account is up & running fine so far."

So it looks like the best move is to start a new twitter account.  Looks like something I should be doing after work.


K T Cat said...

Seriously? I didn't know they did that.

drozz said...

they do-violation of twitter rules will lead to suspension and acocunt review.

i'm interested in why i got suspended. i was posting at a high rate under the mentioned popular hashtag(was just too much fun!), which is a pattern used by spammers. however, one can report another user as spam. it's not unheard of for conservative commentators to be sent to the twitter "gulag" by those unhappy about a hashtag hijacking.

still, let's wait and see.