Wednesday, June 6, 2012

...and We're Back!

San Diego was incredible.  More on that below.

First and foremost, today marks the anniversary of D-Day.  As a rather unique perspective, check out Ike: Countdown to D-Day.  Amazing to think one man shouldered all that burden.

Also important to note that today Dick Winters (of Band of Brothers fame) was enshrined in a memorial over in Normandy.  That PA boy done good.

Lessee what else happened...oh yeah there was some needless recall election last night in Wisconsin.  Here's a quick outline of what transpired:

The Incumbent

Scott "Little Mac" Walker

The Challenger

"Union Stuffing" Tom Barrett


So now it's all over.  Tom Barrett, still reeling from last night's loss couldn't be reached for comment.  However, Double Standard Industries(TM) is happy to announce we obtained a picture of Tom this morning.  He's still in the same position.  Here it is:

At least someone had the decency to cover him up.  His shoes are gone, tho'.

The last (and only serious) comment I have on this whole situation is this: the left is learning nothing from their losses.  As previously mentioned in this post, my smile just keeps broadening. 

Moving on...

Twitter Update
I got my twitter account back on Sunday.  I just kept pestering them for 5 days or so.  No official explanation was given for my suspension other than "you must have violated some rule".  Whatever, I'm back (@psudrozz).

San Diego
Unbeknownst to my wife and I, there is a time when the sun isn't out in San Diego.  It's called "June Gloom", or "May Grey" depending on when it happens.  Let's just say I ran face-first into this weather pattern.

San Diego, and its surrounding are very beautiful indeed.  Reminds me of southern Spain.  However, when the sun comes out...the beauty and magnificence of the city changes by an order of magnitude.  The city positively radiates, and it's ocean views (especially from Point Loma) are unsurpassed.

As I tweeted earlier, I was on the front porch of the Hotel del Coronado having drinks with friends.  Great time, spectacular beach.  The sun came out for thirty seconds; it was then I understood why people, despite the governmental hardships, live out there.

Other positives:
  • The beer and Mexican cuisine were sublime.
  • Most homes are unique, and are unattached. 
  • San Juan Capistrano mission was a great trip.  Personally, I liked touring the missions more than I liked the cathedrals in Spain.
  • It just seemed that everyone was outside.
  • Very dog friendly.
  • The Nobu at Gaslamp was expensive, but worth it.
  • Could easily travel to any part of the city.
  • Nobody has a yard.
  • In-n-Out Burger is overrated.
  • People hit the beaches when it's 65 degrees and overcast.  Then go into the water which is frightfully cold without a wetsuit.  Must have anti-freeze in their veins, or something.
Still, I'll be going back.

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K T Cat said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed San Diego. Come back any time!