Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Fallout

So section 2(b) of Arizona SB 1070 stands.  See yesterday's post for the recap.

If I were Napoleon, the smart move would be at this point offering an olive branch to Governor Brewer.  Suggest working together.  Here are the reasons why:
  1. Napoleon can claim he is enforcing federal law.
  2. Napoleon can claim he is taking Arizona's cry for help seriously.
  3. Bipartisanship.  Fo' reals.
  4. He can show respect for the Supreme Court.
  5. Both sides can walk away claiming victory.
But no, the regime is so obsessed with the perception of being sympathetic to Latinos (and not actually helping them).  Or fundraising.  Or screaming racism.  Or blaming Bush.  Or golfing.  Or waging its war on women.  Or vote pandering.  Ad infinitum.

And this is the route they have decided to take.  In effect, the regime just chose illegal immigrants over it's own citizens and laws.

What a spiteful, vindictive, malicious, and downright nasty move.  This literally made me sick.

I tweeted one time "If Obama loses in November, will he just sign an executive order saying he didn't?  Sadly, I am half joking."  I'm about 30% joking now.

ed-friend of Double Standard Industries KT has a blog entitled "The Scratching Post".  Good times, and as your attorney I advise every one to head over for a visit.  Link is on the blogroll.

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