Friday, June 8, 2012

For the Weekend

Today blogs were supposed to go silent in solidarity for those who are being lawfared by #Brettkimberlin.  I understand the point, I just don't agree that going silent helps raise awareness.

Still, I stand with Ali, Aaron, LibertyChick, Stacy McCain, Ace of Spades, Patterico et al.  Big props to Volokh for joining in the legal defense. 

Please, if you have a chance help these folks out with any donation you can spare.  It's a worthy cause.

For all those joining in the fight, especially those listed above, this next one's for you.

Drink once for Don Corenelius' necktie.  A second time for the 'fro.

Enjoy your weekends.  Go Phills!

update: Somtime last night we got our 1000th pageview!  Thanks to all who helped out - The Management

1 comment:

K T Cat said...

Like you, I'm not quite sure what the silence is supposed to accomplish.