Friday, June 29, 2012

Moving On to That Miserable Hack

"Pick a card, any card"

Eric Holder, aka "The Resurrector" was held in contempt by the House.  Final score 255-67, 1 "present", and 17 Democrats voting "aye".  So it was bipartisan.  Also noted was the childish trend of walking out  (100 Dems participating) when things aren't going your way.  Personally, I like my lawmakers to stand and fight.

Money quote: "Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California joined the boycott, saying Republicans had gone "over the edge" in their partisanship."

You got that Republicans?  How dare you try and find answers to the death of border agent Brian Terry and 300 Mexicans.  How dare you vote under such partisan grounds that multiple Dems actually joined in.  How dare you garner more Democrat votes for contempt than Obama received for all of his budgets put together.  How dare you pass bipartisan bill after bipartisan bill in the House only to have them await action in a Democrat dominated Senate.  How dare you vote Holder in contempt in a bipartisan fashion while a strictly partisan Democrat group goes fleebagger.

I think we all know who has gone "over the edge" in their partisanship.

BTW, a quick way to judge if something is racist: if the Rev. Al Sharpton sticks his fat head in any given issue, said issue is not racist.  At all.  The Rev. Al, on the other hand...

ed-I tried to make a donation on Wed. to the Romney campaign and it got buggerred.  Anyone else have this problem?  Re-donated yesterday and it went through.  Nervous, first time donating and all.

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