Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Radio Silence

I will not be able to bear online witness the unveiling of the opinion on Obamacare tomorrow.  Radio silence will be engaged at 10 AM, EDT.  Why do I have to find out on delay?  Because my supervisor (who's actually a great guy) decided to call a unit meeting at 10 AM.

These were my selfish reactions:


Anyway, clicky for my previous posts surrounding Day 1(mandate a tax or a penalty), Day 2(mandate part of the Commerce Clause) and Day 3 (severability of the mandate).  Final thoughts and prediction can be found nyaw.

Supreme Court website is nyaw.  Opinions are listed on the right hand side of the home page.

Any bets are to be placed in the comments and based on a 100 internet dollar wager.  Listed next to the choice is the payout.  Please choose the line, and internet dollar amount waged.  Max bet is 10k internet dollars.  Certain people have credit with Double Standard Industries and will be permitted to wager more than the max bet.  You are most likely not one of them. 

The current lines:

1.  Tax 100
2.  Penalty 100
3.  Neither 900
4.  Mandate upheld (is constitutional) pays 275 internet dollars.
5.  Mandate struck down (is unconstitutional) pays 65 internet dollars.
6.  Neither 1500
7.  Mandate is severable 50
8.  Mandate is unseverable 250

Prop Bets:

9.  Justice reading the majority opinion is interrupted while reading said opinion 100
10.  Justice (any) swears 1000
11.  Justice Kagan sent to corner to play with something shiny 500
12.  RAYCISM 1.00
13.  Breyer picks own nose 265
14.  Mandate struck down 6-3 600
15.  Mandate upheld 6-3 600
16.  Mandate struck down, Napoleon regime does some backhanded, nasty, thoroughly dickish action that disrespects the Supreme Court and the law 50
17.  Mandate struck down, on-air reporter cries.

Democrats voting Holder in contempt 28.5, pays EVEN.

Good luck, and I'll see you all tomorrow. 


Dean said...

100 on mandate upheld (4). I have a queasy feeling about this and it's an emotional hedge as I might as well make some money on something that I would love to give the house my hundy.

drozz said...


Is it weird that I want the mandate to be struck now purely on schadenfreude? Ezra Klein has been in overdrive this past week. He's getting to me.

It'd be one thing if Klein and his ilk actually understood the arguments and stated they don't agree with them. but here we are.