Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ad Wars

Worth a gander:

A pretty solid add from top to bottom.  It captured the most relevant  highlights in a 30 second spot.  A few notes:
  • Instead of "I am going to vote Republican" I would have simply stated "I am not voting Democrat this election".  Just put it out there that it's fine to look at other options.  For potential  Nader effect.  Let Romney add onto the point in his own commercial.
  • I would have added the national debt numbers during the economic rundown.
  • The picture of Napoleon shooting mind-bullets at Bibby is perfect.  Maybe I would have added the "flexibility" gaffe.
  • Maybe throw in there that Napoleon is diverting funds to the Palestinians.
  • Fear mongering?  I don't think so.  Ask Israel about the very real threat it faces every day.
I've long said Israel will not survive in its current state if Napoleon gets elected again.  Drive that point home from now until November and let's see what happens.

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