Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Double Standard

It occurs to me I haven't really done a post in a while in the theme of the blog namesake.  So let's go grab some low hanging fruit (it's usually the ripest anyway).

Ann Romney torched as elitist 1%'er for wearing a $990 t-shirt.  Michelle Obama wears $6,800 jacket to Olympics: ZOMG SHE IS SO STYLISH AND SUPPORTS NEW YORK BUSINESS.

I begrudge neither person for their lavish tastes*.  I just want both to be treated the same**. 

*Because they both used their earned wealth to buy a product, right? /Looks at Michelle, winks coyly.


Here's your musical interlude for the week, "Ocean Size" by Jane's Addiction.

Off to LBI for another cobia chase.

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