Friday, July 20, 2012

Full Retard, Part 2

ed-this post was created before the incredible tragedy last night in Colorado.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are enduring the unthinkable at this time.

This article by Paul Waldman is representative of the spin from Napoleon's epic gaffe. Onto the highlights:

"Mitt Romney is, without doubt, a representative of contemporary capitalism, a spectacularly rich financier who got his money not by making things but by buying and selling companies, exploiting leverage, and a whole bunch of other things folks like you and me will never have the privilege of understanding."

With the first line of the article we get this: Mitt Romney made money via capitalism.  He didn't make "things" (ed-he made profit for the company he worked for).  I love how the author states he didn't make "things" but in the same line says he did a whole "bunch of other things" us common folk will never have the privilege of understanding.  Translation: I don't understand capitalism or what Mitt Romney did but he didn't make anything except profit-things that I don't understand and you can't either peon LET'S KILL HIM WITH FIRE.

"By now, we can all agree that a large portion of the Republican party has created in their minds an imaginary Barack Obama, one who is either a literal or philosophical foreigner (Romney has begun dropping the word "foreign" in as often as he can when discussing Obama), who hates America.

Napoleon is pushing the United States into Greek economics.  This is not imaginary.

Does Napoleon love America?  Well, he got elected via propaganda pushed by Paul Walman and his ilk.  If idiots like this properly vetted Napoleon, we'd most likely have a second President Clinton.  So yeah, I'm pretty sure Napoleon loves America.  And it's golf courses ZING.

"Which brings us to the word "that.""

Really?  Clinton allusion?  That's a punchline now, BTW.

"If you've been to a Mitt Romney speech in the last day or so, or if you've watched Fox News or listened to conservative talk radio, or even if you've watched some mainstream news, you would have heard that Barack Obama said that people who own businesses didn't actually build their businesses."


"Only a secret socialist could say such a thing"

I don't think it's a secret. Not many other people see it as a secret.  Because as a once great wide receiver said, "If it looks like a rat..." But whatever pushes the "conspiracy nutjob" angle.

"When this quote worked its way up from the conservative media to the Romney campaign, they knew they had something."

Assuming this statement is true, ever wonder why it had to "work" it's way up?

"Sure, it's obvious that when Obama said "you didn't build that" he was talking about roads and bridges. But who cares? You can take that one sentence out of context, lie about what "that" in the quote refers to, and you've got evidence of Obama's America-hating heart."

Sure, it's obvious that one can take "you didn't build that" and theorize that Napoleon was talking about roads and bridges.  But that's only if you take that one sentence out of context.

Let's look at the context: "There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen."  Uh...yeah.  Napoleon is stating that the individual business owner didn't build their business.  As in the entrepreneur had 0% involvement in making their company a success.

I also find it interesting that Napoleon can connect a great teacher with success, given the state of our public school system.

O, and note the "that allowed you to thrive" comment.  Just sayin'.

More context can be found here.

"And yes, it is a lie, a word I use carefully. Romney and the people who work for him know full well what Obama was and wasn't saying. But they decided to go ahead and engage in an act of intentional deception anyway, and I'm sure he'll be repeating it many times."

Other words used carefully: "racism", "war on women", "disenfranchise".

I'm pretty sure Romney and the rest of us know exactly what the President is saying.  This is why Napoleon was quoted.  It's interesting that the pushback falls along the line of "he didn't say that" when yeah, that's exactly what he said.

"There's actually a discussion to be had about the radical individualism that has taken over the conservative movement, which Obama was responding to in his speech."

"Radical individualism"?  The use of the term "radical" provides insight to the incredible resentment the author has for the individual.  It's better than the hive-minded idiocy inherent to the leftist collective on full display.

"But the deeper into this campaign we go, the more it becomes clear that we'll never know what Romney really believes about anything. And he may not be the most dishonest presidential candidate we've ever seen, but give him time—he's working on it."

Three years ago, the nation was given a candidate who was an empty slate.  But he could sure read off a teleprompter.  It is clear to many of us now what Napoleon really believes.

  • The Napoleon campaign gets no poll bounce from the Bain attacks.  The tax transparency argument isn't doing much.  Napoleon goes off teleprompter, Romney pounces, and the media fluffers immediately begin whining.
  • And they will keep whining.  Because if these numbers had to be addressed...
  • Anne Romney was attacked, misquoted, then subsequently attacked for the misquote.  Crickets.
  • Double Standard Industries fully expects Democrat attacks to devolve into "Yo Momma" jokes.  Then "You So Ugly".  Then there will be pointing, grunting, howls, and clenched fists.  Feces may be thrown.
  • The only bad news for the Republicans is that Napoleon will not be going off teleprompter again.  Pity when an individual can't do it on his own.
  • I made my second campaign contribution to Romney this week.  As WC Fields said, "I never voted for somebody".
  • I stole the format of this article from the now defunct Fire Joe Morgan (also see Big Daddy Drew's takedown of Peter King on a weekly basis), so I guess I really didn't build this post.
  • This article is Grade D propaganda for a President who can't be trusted by his handlers to speak his own mind.

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