Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The GOP Convention (Day 1)

I have never really watched a convention until last night.  They just always seemed like a horrific game show coupled with really bad music.

And so I sat down to watch.  I tuned into Fox because I was pretty sure there were going to be shenanigans.  Suspicions: confirmed.  OK that was an easy prediction, but still...

Onto the highlights:

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisc):

Ann Romney:

Chris Christie:

Other Notes:
  • Unfortunately, I was cooking dinner and had to miss Mia Love's speech.  Click nyaw for viewing.  Word on the web is that she did a tremendous job and bolstered her campaign as well as Romney's last night.  I agree.
  • Niki Haley was solid.
  • The racist storm-troopers were out in full force.  Look up #negrospotting on Twitter if you don't believe me.  Of course these same people would be screaming if there were no black speakers.
  • The Walker vid confirms how influential Wisconsin politics have been over these past few years.  I expect this trend to continue.
  • Christie's speech was better than expected.  I was genuinely fired up.  People were making a big deal that he didn't mention Romney that much.  It's Romney's convention; dropping his name every 4 minutes does nothing for me.  It's an election of philosophy.  Christie did his job and then some.
  • While Christie was inspiring, Ann Romney gets MVP from me.  What sunk the hook was her take on a storybook marriage.  She started off with a joke about rainy afternoons and five screaming boys in the house.  This is something most could relate to, and was good humor.  In the next sentence she brought up MS and breast cancer.  The silence was deafening.  In fifteen seconds she moved the audience to the extremes and personalized the campaign.  Inevitably the dogs of leftish feminism will be unleashed upon her (more so).
  • Most speakers didn't even refer to Obama.  They stuck to accomplishments and philosophy.  A very strong and wise course of action.
  • Last night inspired hope that we could actually win this thing.
  • Lot's of predictions regarding who the mystery speaker will be on Thursday evening.  My prediction: former Seal Team 6 member. The Republicans are trying to hammer down integrity, perseverance, self-determination, sacrifice, and hard work.  I can think of no better symbol.  Admittedly, this would be a long shot.

Change of Topic
I took a legit sick day yesterday.  In my DayQuil haze, I found that the History Channel was running a tribute to Neil Armstrong.  Watched "Moonshot", and various documentaries about the space program of the 60's.  What impressed me most was that the people running the Apollo operation were so young.  Gene Kranz was in his mid-30s, was responsible for a bunch of engineers in their 20s, and was making the right calls and solving problems under unimaginable duress.  He also came up with this gem:

"“From the day of our birth, we were meant for this time and place, and today, we will land an American on the Moon. Whatever happens here today, I will stand behind every decision you will make. We came into this room as a team and we will leave as a team”. Then I told my ground controller to lock the control room doors. “And from now on, no person will leave or enter this room until we have either landed, we have crashed, or we have aborted. Those are the only three outcomes from this time on”.”

(Taken from Twitter): "In 1969 the celebration of achievement in the USA was putting a man on the Moon.  In 2012 it's free contraception."

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