Monday, August 13, 2012

We Got Ryan

Romney picked Ryan.   Some thoughts:
  • I wanted Ryan for President.  But I'm OK with this spot.  I'll just have to wait 8 years for Ryan's shot.
  • In Ryan, Romney has a guy who has clashed with the regime and has come out on top.  Ryan has exposed these petty, classless elitists for what they are by using simple math and sound economic theory.
  • What's more, Ryan is motivated.  Numerous times he has borne insults from the White House.
  • From 9-11 AM Saturday morning Twitter had some of the best snark.  Of course, Iowahawk wins tweeting "Paul Ryan represents Obama's most horrifying nightmare: math".  Iowahawk always wins.  A distant second was every comment in the "Bidendebatelines" hashtag.  A participation medal was awarded to @Barackobama, 'cause that's how he rolls.
  • I fully expect the infamous "Granny in a wheelchair over the cliff" spot to be updated to "Granny on dialysis on a gurney being napalmed, then launched out of a cannon into the sun".  Toward the end, Napoleon will transform into a griffin and will wield a flaming sword against the GOP lizard people.
  • I donated to the cause.
  • Kicking myself in the ass for not heading down to Manassas to see them in person.  Stupid adult things got in the way, but I could have put forth more of an effort.
More than anything, this pick gave me hope that Romney can succeed in his run for the presidency.  Ryan oozes competency, class, and intelligence.  He hunts, has a nice family, and is well respected from the center to the right.

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