Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Week

So the regime doubled down on incompetence in explaining the Middle East rupture.  Their position: it was spontaneous, and it was the movie: 

It didn't pass the giggle test with anyone. 

To complete the farce, this past weekend the filmmaker was identified and taken from his home at night for "questioning".  How dare someone make a religiously insensitive video in this country.

Orwell was from the future.  It's the only explanation.

So now that our first amendment rights have truly been trampled (on the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution), what next?

Well, picking up on censorship, a French court has now broken down on press freedoms.  I, for one, am shocked (SHOCKED I SAY) that I cannot obtain topless pictures of smoking hot royalty.  The horrors of tyranny.  Thanks, Obama.

Exit thought: the protesters who sacked our embassies were heard chanting, "Obama, we are Osama".  By the regime's point of view, wouldn't the release of Zero Dark Thirty kind of stir the hornet's nest again?  We wouldn't want that happening.

Misdirection of the Week (aka "The Squirrel Offensive")
It seems like almost every week now the MSM is coming up with a new issue to try and show how TEH PRECIOUS is superior to Romney.  Last week it was foreign policy.  That kind of blew up in their face.  Wagons were circled, let's move on.

So this week someone shot a video of Romney at a closed event.  Here it is:

Uh....so what?

Mitt is being brutally honest in all cases.  I like that.

I mean, it's not like he called the people in my home state "bitter clingers" or something.

All this shows me is how desperate the MSM is right now.

Bonus Material
Dana Loesch tweets this great Orwell quote:

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

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