Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Link Dump/Football

Libya update: The State Department was kicking around the idea of posting marines for security at the consulate.  We just had to give them five years (FIVE #$%ING YEARS) or so to get around to it.  No rush, Hillary.

The Obama regime still has no clue how to handle the Libya/Mid-east rupture.  My guess is that Hillary might be thrown into the volcano.  While confusion is a valid strategy, the Charlie Foxtrot cabinet supposedly in charge of the situation instills no feelings of competency.  Is heading to Vegas after a terrorist attack a strategy?

Team O went on Univision for an interview.  Incredible that we now have to rely on outside media to do our media's job (Jake Tapper excepted, see below). 

...Jake Tapper was not impressed.  He didn't go far enough, IMO, but he hit the major point that Obama flat out lied.

...and then, in the same interview, O quickly gaffed the sh!t out of himself.  Romney's "47%" flew fine with me, but most of the Julia's of the world resumed pearl clutching.  Still, on a week when Romney's approval might have gone down, the "Hope and Change" guy just admitted he is politically impotent and incapable of delivering any change.  Romney roasted'em fine after that one, and to top it off, released his tax returns.  Turns out the man donated 30% of his income to charity, and payed 14.1% in taxes.

...and of course, whenever a meme of the left gets destroyed, this happens:

I am 1-5 on the year right now.  S-M-R-T...

Detroit (-3.5) at Tennessee.  Stafford can't be pass-constipated this long, can he?
Indy (-3) over Jacksonville.
Baltimore (-3.0) over Patriots.  Pat's are just more dinged up and really can't afford to make a mistake.

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