Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The Dems got hammered by "You didn't build that".  No spin has broken its grip.  The statement has become a rallying cry for opposition to this regime's perverse need for government involvement in our lives.

And now they release this:

"The government is the only thing we all belong to".  Not as bad as "You didn't build that".  Still, it's disturbingly close to:

The government is a steward of this country.  The Dems are failing to see this. 

Otherwise, the entire point of the DNC show is distract folk from the past three years of complete and utter failure while targeting the GOP on social issues.  Which is the exact opposite of what the RNC was trying to accomplish.

Or to put it another way...

(h/t instapundit).

From what very little I watched, they did an OK job.  Michelle Obama was the best of the speakers last night, but she went Anne Romney in content. 

Anne Romney's job was to illustrate what a good person Mitt really was in private, and why he is fit for the White House.  It was fitting for the challenger role and not for the incumbent.

The incumbent party is supposed to present a case as to why they should be rehired.  While Michelle did score points for presentation, I just think it failed overall in its purpose.  "Barack a nice guy MITT ROMNEY SWISS ACCOUNT BOOOO RICH" shouldn't resonate with independents, but oh well.

I will be watching absolute zero coverage tonight.  There is higher priority: FOOTBAW.

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