Monday, September 3, 2012

The GOP Convention (Day Tres)

Onto the highlights:

Marc Rubio (R-Fl):

Mitt Romney (R-Mass):

  • Mitt's congregation appearing and giving speeches as to his generosity was a great touch. 
  • A very strong endorsement from Mike Eruzione and other Olympians.  On the biggest stage in the direst of times, that man showed the world what a bunch of motivated kids can do.  And he endorsed our guy.
  • The Clint Eastwood number bombed.  The silver linings are that the Republicans got Clint Eastwood to show up in Florida, and it spawned #emptychairday.  Personally, I think empty suit would have been more apt, but whatevs.  Some are saying it was a "Bob Newhert" type delivery, which is funny.  No, it wasn't, and the Eastwood-Newhert crossover is oil and water.
  • Marc  Rubio could quite possibly be the best public speaker I have ever seen on TV.  And I thought I would never see anyone beat out President Clinton.  While best speech still goes to Paul Ryan, Marc gets a close second.
  • Mitt gave the speech he had to give.  Not a home run, but a gapper to the wall on a rope.
Final Thoughts
  • If the point of the convention was to show the new face of the party, then it was a success. 
  • If the point was to personalize Mitt Romney, then it was a success.
  • If the point was to expose the radical bias of the left, then it was a success.
  • If the point was to tell the entire nation that the Republicans were for self-made people who rose up by their own hand ("We Built It"), then it was a success.
  • More often than not, the speakers I enjoyed the most really didn't even mention Obama too much.  They personalized their history and showed how they relied on anything other than the government to solve their problems.  This will provide a stark contrast to the DNC.  The speakers went positive, and me likey.
  • Every night I left the TV motivated. 
So yeah-outside of the Clint Eastwood fiasco, I would say that this convention was the best we could hope for.

Now let's see the victim parade that will be the DNC.

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