Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Squirrel Offensive


Last time I wrote, the "47% gaffe" was being pressed.  Its ripples have mostly faded.  This past week it was "ZOMG RICH GUY DOESN'T GROK PLANE WORKINGS", which really was a pathetic display by an increasingly desperate acolyte MSM.  It also set up your Double Standard of The Week (tm): What if Romney had stated that he wanted to export more jobs?

Again, the Management would like to know if he was reading off a teleprompter.

We also learned that the Libya situation was much worse than we thought.  And, of course, violent protests are still occurring outside embassies as I write this.  See yesterday's post for Obama's embarrassment at the UN.

Other memes repeated: "Romney's Worst Week Ever", "Polls Show Obama Pulling Away", "Mitt's Taxes: Not Enough He should Pay More He Payed Too Much", etc.

And so today we got some very depressing economic news: real GDP for Q2 has been lowered from 1.7% to 1.3%, which is f$%king abysmal. 

The other barrel of the economic shotgun: durable goods collapsing 13% in August.  Head over to Dedicated Tenther for the breakdown.

All in one week.  Amazing.

In summary: the "Mitt's Taxes" meme was shattered, unrest still burns in the middle east, the domestic economic situation gets downgraded "expectantly" for the 10e8th time.

The Team O dam is going to burst.  Axlerod et al better come up with one helluva squirrel before the GOP starts crackin' wise.  "Forward" isn't going to pass muster.

I predict some new BS by tomorrow afternoon.


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