Friday, September 7, 2012

Wrap it Up

The DNC was a freaking debacle.  Most speakers appealed to the far left base.  The only person who I saw that would appeal to the center was Clinton.

People called Clinton's speech "masterfull".  In presentation, yes, but its contents pants were on fire.

Example-he claimed that the Republicans were the ones to deregulate Wall Street.  While the Republicans did play a part, Clinton was the one who axed Glass-Steagall.  Other examples can be found here.

Clinton had a chance to take the high road and illustrate how a bipartisan government had worked.  He turned left and took all the credit.

Still, the man can give a damn fine speech, and for 23 hours or so it looked like the Democrats might take some momentum from this thing.  What was necessary was some of that Obama-magik we've all heard about.

This is what was delivered instead:

A rehash of worn down memes (fairness, class warfare, etc.) and no concrete plans.  With 16 trillion in debt, how the hell are we going to create 100k new teaching jobs? 

This was about as unclutch as one can get.  He was outshined at his own convention by Clinton and Biden.  BIDEN.  LITERALLY.

Some are theorizing that this steaming pile was produced because team O was privy to today's job report.  I find this plausible. 

As for the MSM reaction, no amount of spin (and spin will be spun) can alleviate the crushing fact that unemployment declined 0.2% because nearly 400k left the workforce.  Also interesting to note that 9k jobs were "created" when a strike ended.

Their convention had hope.  The awful acceptance speech plus this job report torched that hope.  But yeah, keep throwing Sandra Fluke at us in prime time while people are struggling.

And now the MSM will have to find a new angle to protect TEH PRECIOUS. The Twitterverse is predicting "SUPER-AWESOME FOREIGN POLICY OBAMA".  I can see that.

NFL, Week 1

I got a kick out of this:

Atlanta (-2.5) at KC.  Pick: ATLANTA.
Philly (-7.5) at Cleveland.  Pick: PHILLY.
San Diego (-1.5) at Oakland.  Pick OAKLAND.

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