Friday, September 14, 2012


More double standards: what would the media do if it was discovered that the US government was warned prior to the attacks and there was a Republican in the White House?

And said President left the very next day for Vegas?

I just picture Obama glazing over the intel report (hard copy, not in-person briefing mind you) and thinking, "They would never attack on 9/11.  They love me too much over there."

I also believe that this is what goes through Obama's head on constant loop:

"things that bother you...never bother me..."

And to think this all could have been avoided if Mitt would just show his tax returns and shut up.

Moving on...

Football Picks for the Weekend:
Last week I was 1-2.  Awesome. 

New Orleans (-1.5) over Carolina.
Baltimore (+2.5) over Philly.  And yes, I am an Eagles fan.  But I also know that the connection between Vick's brain, arm, and sphincter ruptures under pressure.
Dallas (-2.5) over Seattle.

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