Thursday, October 25, 2012

Excellent Read

One of the blogs I have recently picked up on is Protein Wisdom.  Today's post is a good reason why.

Peep this:

"I was stunned that he was able to pull it off, frankly:  but then, most people who voted for him never made it past the social markers meant to woo them.  They heard the pop-cultural references and luxuriated in the smooth youth and Otherness they’d join in with, but they never stopped to listen to what they were be asked to turn into popular trends:  lunch menus designed by the First Lady; bans on big sodas; the nationalization of health care — a move that, in addition to raising taxes and reducing citizens to subjects, will in the end be used as the rationale behind every affront to individual liberty that will naturally grow out of it:  a little fat, are you?  Well, we give you free health care, so we have a right to ask you to sacrifice, to eat what we tell you, to exercise when we tell you, so that you’re thin and vibrant and healthy again — worthy of our investment in your health.  Old and infirm, are you?  Well, sorry, but we’ve provided you with free health care all your life.  It’s time to sacrifice for the greater good.  Your comfortable, managed demise will be painless — not to mention the ultimate act of selfless economic patriotism.  We salute you.  Now get on your ice block and let us push you off to sea."

That's some next-level blog content.

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