Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Link Roundup/Debate Stuff (updated)

Benghazi Update
So Hillary decided to take responsibility for Benghazi.  Reminds me of Janet Reno in the post-Waco.  In the face of a botched government operation, both take responsibility.  Also, they both have more balls than the Presidents they serve. Sen. McCain et al's thoughts are worth a gander.

So many questions:
  • Hillary stood there by the caskets of the fallen and blamed a video.  Shouldn't she resign?
  • If Obama lets Hillary take the fall, shouldn't he disavow all credit for OBL (not going to happen)?
  • Is Obama making it up as he goes along or is he actually having meetings with his Secretary of State?
  • Shouldn't Obama be asking for her resignation right now?
  • So...did Hillary just politicize the issue? Or did Obama? So hard to tell these days.
  • What does Big Bird think about this?  Will Elmo comment on Hillary's bravery at the Million Muppet March?
  • Provided Obama is re-elected, Hillary is most likely gone.  What then? She will be 70 years old in 2016, so a Presidential nod is a little far fetched.
  • Hillary has been treated poorly by her husband, the press pushed her aside in 2008 when she should have rightfully won the Democratic nomination, and now she is taking the hit for Benghazi.  Shouldn't she tack to being independent instead of Democrat?
  • Ambassador Rice should be canned as well.  She is a declining asset, if she ever were an asset.  When will this happen?
So far, the press' reaction: crickets.

UPDATE: DDE's take is particularly disturbing.

PSU Scandal Update
Michael Berube writes a thought provoking piece on the PSU scandal (h/t NT). Definitely worth a read, if not just to refresh one's memory as to the disturbing and hypocritical abuse of NCAA authority.

My question is: if this guy was disheartened so much about the baseless reaction and destruction of Paterno at PSU, why is he stepping down?  Grow some balls and fight.

Debate Time
So tonight is the "Town Hall" portion of the debates.  Ugh.  Reminds me of a scene from Krusty the Clown's 29th Anniversary Show ("I Love Lisa" episode):

KRUSTY: "And now, my favorite part of the show...what's that say? Talk to the audience? Oh God, this is always death."

So yeah.  The debate is in New York, with some dingbat named "Candy" moderating.  Note to Romney: if elected, fight for better moderators.  It's like we're deliberately choosing to face East on the morning of battle.

I don't expect the questions asked to deviate much from the trend.

My hope is that tonight Romney hammers Obama on the GM bailout lie.  My hope is that Romney doesn't have to debate the mod, a la Paul Ryan.

Obama is supposed to be coming out more aggressive.  I am fine with this.  I don't think this beta-male coward knows how to be aggressive without being condescending and cheap.  Usually his "aggressive" stance is reserved for closed fundraisers and meetings where he is 100% surrounded by like-minded supporters.

The guy is used to having more experienced (relative term) and competent (VERY relative term) drones do his heavy lifting when there is opposition present.  So this should be interesting.

But again, it's all in the questions asked.  Romney was well prepared for RomneyCare being thrown at him.  I have confidence.

Also, I will be drinking a fine bottle of Malbec.  I have the feeling I will need it.

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