Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mile High Massacre

Remember the movie Victory?

The game at the end reminded me of the setup for the debate last night: the Allies (Romney) going into occupied territory (MSNBC) to play a game against a bunch of fascists (Obama), where even the ref (Lehrer) will do anything to prohibit the Allies from winning.

In the movie, the match ended up in a tie.  This is where the similarities end.  If the movie reflected last night, the Allies would have won 4-0 while liberating occupied France.

It should be occurring to all those backing Obama right now the realities of last night.  It is a close race, and many undecideds would be watching.  One would think the debate prep would be intensive and thorough.  Instead, Obama went on The View, watched football, and visited Hoover damn.  And he got dominated.

What does this say about his reaction on 9/11?  How does this reflect on his administration's attention to the economy?

How does Obama interact with foreign leaders, should he choose to meet them? Remember when Obama met with Netanyahu?

This wasn't Fox News.  This was MSNBC.  The battlefield favored the incumbent.  Last night it should have been evident to everyone that the man is in completely over his head.

If the left wants to blame Lehrer for getting rolled, I encourage them to do so.  Please blame Kerry, call Romney a liar, and live in denial.  All is well, and please repeat the debate prep.  Bang up job.

Oh, and the next debate will be on 10/11 between Ryan and Biden.

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