Friday, October 12, 2012

Bidenus Interruptus

Everything that I want to say Ann Althouse has already said.

Biden wouldn't answer direct questions, was smarmy, condescending, and interrupted Paul Ryan 82 times.  Whenever Paul Ryan would make a good point, Biden would either laugh, smirk, shake his head, or do something to try to give the viewer the impression that Ryan was lying.  Either that or he thought Ambassador Stevens' assassination amusing.

And the moderator did nothing to stop Biden's elusiveness, nor cease his distracting behavior.  If anything, she encouraged it.

I don't think it played well. Especially the 30 minutes or so where Ryan had to debate two people instead of one.

On Ryan's behalf, I think he was a little shaky at times but nailed Biden pretty hard on gaffes, Syria, abortion, and had a great closing statement (even when Biden interrupted him).  Biden ran out of steam on both his closing statements.

And if Obama was "too nice" in the first debate, Ryan was a saint.

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