Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pre-Debate Roundup

One thing I noticed about Romney's performance last week was that he had a great way of incorporating various gaffes (e.g. "middle class...buried") by this administration into the debate.  It worked very well.

It was noted in many circles was that Obama never brought up the "47%" comment.  My theory is this: every time Obama tried to corner Romney on any issue, Romney did not back down and came out on top. Like Romneycare.  The "47%" comment did infuriate people; what if  Romney was so prepared that he had a valid explanation?

I find this theory more plausible than the "Obama was too polite" BS.

Onto Paul Ryan.

Ryan has shown in debate, such as the "open" healthcare debate hosted by O, that he can handle very complicated issues.  Better yet, he can explain the main points in a language that most can understand.  He is young, charismatic, and is highly resistant to the childish slings and arrows being thrown his way.

My hope is that Ryan follows Romney's lead and hits Biden with something like this.  My hope is that the budget, the economy, and foreign policy would be brought up.  My hope is that Ryan takes the gloves off, and unleashes.  Like this:

My fear is the moderator debating Ryan instead of Biden.

Know what's missing from the news?  Days before the Romney-O debacle, the press was on a goto loop of "Obama is not a good moderator".

I haven't seen many reports of the same thing regarding Biden, even though he was beaten by Palin in 2008.

Given who is moderating, the paranoia lobe in my skull is tingling.

Still, I would vote for Obama if Biden came out and boxed a kangaroo.  Look:

Hell, I'll even find ways to vote twice if the Kangaroo comes out in red, white, and blue boxing trunks Rocky wore when he beat Drago.

Benghazi Updates

We were lied to.  I want heads on pikes.  Starting with Ambassador/handpuppet Rice.  Work up from there.

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