Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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My apologies-parents came into town on Friday and it has been a whirlwind since. 

Third Debate Thoughts:
  • For the most part, it was boring.  The ennui sometimes broken by Obama playing the part of the interrupting jackass.
  • I was very pleased at Romney's disposition.  He remained on the high ground and seemed immune to Obama's ever-present leer. 
  • As far as substance goes, Romney really didn't provide much.  This concerned me (see previous post on missed opportunities).  Toward the end, both my father and I were a little concerned.  Until we heard what Charles Krauthammer had to say.  Been smiling since.
  • "Bayonets".  Yet another example of how Obama really had a chance to score points: all he had to do was mention that the mission of the Navy between 1917 and now had changed somewhat.  It's a very good point.  Going into a diatribe about technological differences in the most smarmy and condescending way possible doesn't play well.  It looks cheap and un-Presidential, which really was Obama's theme the entire evening.
  • Ann Althouse has a great quote: "As I put it last night, "Obama just did some sharp interrupting while Romney was rhapsodizing about education in Massachusetts." To restate my observation: Obama suddenly changed his tone, got belligerent, when Romney was just going on innocuously about education. There was no casus belli. Whatever happened happened inside Obama head. I need to be Debate #2 Obama, not Debate #1 Obama. He felt the placidity of the evening, the utter failure to ignite the BUSH!!!!! petard, so he made a fight out of nothing."
  • She gets bonus points for this post as well.
  • Bob Schieffer was adequate.  He still let Obama get away with interrupting, but given the past three moderators I'll take it.
The bottom line: basically, all Romney had to do last night was avoid any kind of "BOOSH" tie-in and not provide any major messaging issues.  And of course, keep focus on the economy.  All three were accomplished in Presidential fashion. 

Update from the Squirrel Offensive

"Bayonets" seems to be the leftist meme of the week.  Also, it appears that "Romnesia" is still being pushed.

These tactics may work at some kind of city councilmen level election, but not at this level. 


Apparently the narcissist Kelo abuser has something devastating about Obama.  Ya know, with all this momentum and it being this late in the game, I wish he would just shut the hell up.  This is the kind of distraction we don't need.

Well, maybe if it is the L.A. Times Obama/Khalidi tape....

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