Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The VP Debate

The moderator for the VP debate?  Martha Raddatz.  Obama attended her wedding.  He appointed her husband the head of the FCC. 

Anyone remember that movie Victory

The game at the end of the movie reminded me of the setup, I just had incredible deja vu.

The reality of it is that Joe Biden has had an incredible streak of gaffe laden public appearances this past year.  This includes not knowing troop strength, the "chains" comment, the middle class getting buried for four years, etc.

Compound this to Joe having one interview in the past five months and pretty much being kept in a storage locker the past three years.

On the other hand, he did give a good speech at the DNC and has had six days of preparation.  This translates to Joe performing under pressure recently, and has had time off to rest and focus himself.

One would also think that with six days of preparation Joe might be a little over-prepared, a la Reagan vs. Mondale from 1984.

Regardless, Paul Ryan's past performances in front of a camera have earned my utmost confidence. 

The Squirrel Offensive

Big Brother has incorporated Big Bird into the fray.  Seriously.  Big. Bird.

Clearly this is a ploy to win the vote of those 26 year olds who are considered children.

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