Friday, October 26, 2012

WOW (no, not war on women)

That's just...I can't....the imagery... it's ju-(passes out).

Note the frenetic energy in the eyes and twitchy, uncoordinated movement.  This sort of behavior is often seen in cult members when describing how they were saved.  Usually right before something drastic happens.

If this is what the Obama campaign is distilling to, they have problems.  Reminds me of a Violent Femmes song:

This really should be a rallying cry.

Anyhoo, it is noted that this song has only the second best xylophone solo ever.  First place goes to Les Claypool's "One Better" (skip ahead to 3:56 if you must, but it is a damn fine song):

6-10-1 on the year.  Time to even the record:
PATS (-7) vs. Rams
FALCONS (+3) at Eagles.  Andy Reid's undefeated record after the bi week will be broken, signaling the winds of change in Philly.
SEAHAWKS (+2.5) at Lions.  Because the Lions suck.
GIANTS (+2) at Cowboys.

Basically, I just picked all road teams. 

Everyone enjoy your weekends.  GO STATE.  BEAT THE BUCKEYES.

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