Friday, November 9, 2012

Final Thoughts: Spite-filled Version (UPDATE)

First Take
"All the more reason we have to Christi up from now more 'nice' candidates. We either direct the conversation or play doormat."- SaraB, from comments on Wednesday.

I couldn't agree more.  While we try to elect people by the rules and assume our "silent majority" will come through, the other side is unconstrained.  They can get away with fraud, intimidation, and using a friendly media to promote whatever message they see fit.  We can't win like this. 

So no more rules.  The left has a perfect incestuous marriage of government, media, and academia.  The media influences government, which in turn funds academia, which in turn produces members of the media. They have a permanent underclass of dependency voters willing to stay in poverty and be used as pawns.  We are well behind with no way to get our messaging out, and will not make any ground with our loser status quo.

I am an Eagles fan.  We have been stuck with mediocrity for a few years now.  Oh sure, we had a good run a few years back based on luck and the team catching fire in week 17 against the Cowboys.  But since then, the entire team is a declining asset of under performance.  This year may be the tipping point.  There is no hope.  The Eagles need to clean house, starting at the top.

Republicans need to do the same-starting with Benedict Boehner.  Get the old guard out of there before they infect the new guys/gals.  Turn the party over, or start something new.

To start, find a copy of "Rules for Radicals". 

Second Take
Steps Republicans should implement:
  • Raise taxes?  Sure.  Raise them across the board.  If the electorate wants the government to spend like this, everyone, from top to bottom, should pay.  That's fair.  And let the Bush tax cuts expire.
  • Tax wealth and income.  Tax fast food and unhealthy beverages like soda and alcohol.  Don't even think about ordering that rum and Coke.
  • Legalize marijuana, but tax that sticky-icky until it actually was cheaper when it was illegal.
  • One deduction: kids.
Third Take
If the electorate wants big government, than big government they shall have.  However:
  • All those kids who come to my doorstep selling newspaper subscriptions to help finance college get nothing.  Go to your Federal Family and ask your Big Brother.  Or enlist in one of our many fine armed services.  Your other options are to study harder or learn how to play a sport better than 99% of the people out there.
  • If you want my financial help for hurricane victims: tough shit.  Let the government figure out a way to help.
  • Any school I attended that asks for a donation: denied.
  • The donations automatically deducted from my paycheck: gone.  Sorry, gorillas of Africa.  I hope you know somebody in high places that won't demand too much of a kickback.
  • No tip.  If you want more money, go petition the government for higher minimum wage.  Especially that Che-wannabe waiter with multiple bad tats and piercings who works at a diner with a sign promoting social justice in South Philly.  You're first.  You.  And.  Your.  Extended.  Earlobes.  Get.  Nothing.
  • Pirate everything.  Movies, music, whatever.  When you feel like someone has actually earned your money, pay them zero.  Make sure that starving artist is really starving.  You are only helping them.
  • Take care of those that are closest to you.  Anyone else can talk to the government. 
And to think, I used to be such a happy Catholic.  Will try to be more upbeat and civil next week.

update: basically, this is how I felt Wednesday morning.  It's the last words of the Sex Pistols:

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