Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Back

No Internet or cable for one week.  That was grueling.  Like living in the 80's.

Today is election day.  Some interesting early stories:
  • Reports from my friends in Arlington, VA all indicate that voting lines are now over 3+ hours long.  Kind of refreshing that people are really taking this election seriously.  Just wondering if the courts are going to let the polls stay open another few hours.  Also, VA might want to look at early voting. 
  • I voted early in Baltimore last week.  In Baltimore, every registered voter is sent a pamphlet in the mail with your voter code and name on it.  When I arrived at the poll, the worker just wanted to see the mailer.  I presented my ID as well, and she looked at me like I was on fire.  "No, no ID necessary.  Maryland is still a...free state."  I then asked what was to stop me from grabbing all my neighbor's mailer's and voting for them.  They didn't like my response.
  • The Black Panthers are back at it in Philly.  I guess they learned their lesson from the DOJ.  It is also being reported that some SEALS will be on hand.  That would be an interesting clash, God forbid.
Updates to come as the day goes on.  Everyone stay safe and vote.

Now relax:

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