Friday, November 30, 2012


...because I am now working 55-60 hours a week plus pregnant wife duties.  So BACK OFF MOM I'LL CALL WHEN I CAN.

Your Blatant Power Grab of the Week
The UN wants to acquire the internet.  Someone said that letting the UN regulate the internet is like giving a gorilla a Stradivarius.  That isn't hyperbole.

Why would they want control?  To "deliver social and economic benefits in every nation on earth, including across every sector.” 

Wow.  They even kept a straight face. We are in the very best of hands with the UN.

An Example of UN Internet Proficiency:

Yeah, they are like totally capable of regulating without any kind of alternative agenda.

I would like to think that the UN's incompetence in even the simplest of matters is why Susan Rice was tapped to be ambassador.  She's politically connected, fits the "diversity" label, and needs to put in a place where she really can't do too much harm.  Oops.

It's Like They Never Heard the word "Twinkie" Before:
McDonald's workers believe they are entitled to double their current salary.

While a pay bump would be nice, expecting 15/hour for flipping burgers is just insane.  Try asking for a small cost of living increase.

Oh screw it, just yell "racism", call Sharpton, and see what happens.

The Fiscal Cliff
For me, it's the basics.  If one cannot live within their current means, giving them more money is most likely not going to improve their financial situation.  The last thing crackheads need is unlimited crack.

If this regime proved that they could handle even passing a budget, I might consider not caring if they raised my taxes.  That's how low the bar is set.

Quote of the Week
"California is a lot like Axl Rose: it used to have amazing mojo and unlimited potential, but now it is just bloated and pathetic and waiting to die." - WC Varones

Guns N' Roses by the state:
Slash-Virginia.  Was awesome, lost it all (civil war, no pun intended), got it's mojo back. 
Izzy-sobered up, lives the clean life.  Utah.
Duff-Washington state.  Still putting out decent music (Velvet Revolver) well into this century. Also the last to see Cobain before he (Cobain) died.
Adler-FUBAR.  Illinois.

I remember when Use Your Illusion was released, and I was all super-hyper because "U Could Be Mine" kicked ass and the rest of the tracks must be as good.  Then I heard "November Rain" and knew it was over. I still hate that song.  Stephanie Seymour was so wasted.

Weekend Music
When encountering solicitors at one's door, start singing this song:

Heaven is Shel Silverstein and Jim Henson still cranking out gems like the one above.


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"The last thing crackheads need is unlimited crack."

Pure awesomeness.

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