Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Post

This year has been tough.

There is nothing like being wrong when one is so certain of their worldview.  This has happened twice (so far*) this year: ObamaCare stood on an awful ruling, and Obama was re-elected.  Never have I been so convinced that something was so wrong, and surely those in charge of the decisions would rule based on the merits and start this country back on the right path.

But it didn't happen.  Admittedly, I am still coming to grips with the results from a few weeks ago.

*update: forgot about the PSU scandal going nuclear.  But there is hope.

Today is Thanksgiving.  I think it's time for some perspective.

I am thankful for:

  • My wife.  Besides making the occasional sammich, she keeps pushing me out of my comfort zone to try new things.  Skydiving, scuba, having a child, etc.
  • My family.  Especially my dad, who worked multiple jobs to give me a great private school education.
  • My friends.  Always there when I need them.  Always jerks.
  • My heritage.
  • My job.  Given the upcoming recession/depression, having a job will come in handy.
  • My health.  Still playing hockey.  Still throwing 'bows at kids half my age.  Still having fun.
  • Whomever invented wine.  Bless you.
Now if the NHLPA and Bettman would get off their asses, I would be truly thankful.

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