Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Your Federal Dollars at Work

This morning, someone mistakenly sent out a mass email to the entire workforce at my job.  Oops.  People immediately started replying to all on the list inquiring why they were on said list, not to "reply to all", just ignore, etc.

That was the first wave of responses that almost shut down the server.  Imagine every response triggering around 500 "out of office" responses and you get the idea.

It also was an interesting sociological experiment.

Then someone replied:

"To unsubscribe to this email, please reply with an email containing 'unsubscribe' in the title field."  Colored font and everything.  Looked legit.

That's some next-level type trolling, right there.

So basically, the email server at my job is entirely unresponsive. 

Why am I writing this?  A warning, but also a suggestion for all those Loki types out there.

Also, it produced this gem:

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