Sunday, December 23, 2012


One of my friends remarked to me the other day that the reason he didn't like the Tea Party is because they were so uncompromising.  When I mentioned the history of the Democratic party over the past few years, he remained convinced that a good portion of our woes are the Tea Party's fault.  Basically, his definition of "compromise" was doing going along with the status quo.

Also: what if Democratic ideas were so bad that real compromise didn't solve anything?  Look at Boehner's "leadership" on the debt ceiling.  The debt is in the trillions, and he's talking about saving billions.  

So on the eve of Congress' Winter break, Boehner failed to pass a horrid solution within his own party to avert the fiscal cliff.  Why is it "horrid"?  Because the solution proposed, i.e. raising taxes on the top 1%, is not a solution.  It will do nothing to lower the debt, and provide Congress an excuse to spend more.  On it's face, it's a penalty on rich people for no other reason than "they are rich".

Raising taxes on a group of people just because one can seems cruel and vindictive.  Not to mention that the projections of revenues raised will be wrong; the wealthy usually stay wealthy for good reason.

(update) Just one further thought: the government created this horrid economic situation.  Why make a class of people, most of whom had nothing to do with said situation pay for government fiscal incompetence?

So bring on the fiscal cliff.  I would rather the economic apocalypse occur while my representatives stick to their guns instead of capitulating to soft Marxism.  Bless those who stood in Boehner's way, and start the Republican house cleaning right at the top.

Other Stuff...
The tree is done.  The stockings are up.  All presents are accounted for.  Cookies: baked.  The wine closet is well stocked.  The house is in good shape.  I will enjoy the next few days with my family and celebrate the birth of real hope.  Merry Christmas, everyone.

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