Friday, December 7, 2012


NHL Update
Gary Bettman was made commissioner of the NHL in 1993.  His job was simple: modernize the NHL, solve the ongoing labor issues, improve the standing of the league.

He is now presiding over his third work stoppage.

This means he is failing at anticipating dire league issues resulting in billions of dollars lost.  He is failing to lead in mediation.  He is also openly siding with management, which really ticks me off.

In short, he has failed spectacularly in his duties as commissioner.  One has to wonder how he still has his job.

He's Just Like Me and You

But yeah, he's totally concerned about reducing the deficit.

Fiscal Cliff Update
Speaker Boehner seems to be eliminating any dissension in the ranks.  This is so when his turn at statism comes, he will rule absolute. 

Speaker Boehner needs to be fired out of a canon into the sun.  He will cave, the Republicans will assume blame for all societies' woes, and life will go on as it has these past four years.  And foul years they have been.

Mid post leadership score: lack of 3, competency 0.

BONUS MATERIAL: how to properly troll this regime.  Well played, Mitch McConnell.

Good News for Michigan
The Republicans improved Michigan.  The state will soon be right-to-work.  

Check out this little bit of fury in the opening paragraph:

"Republicans slammed right-to-work legislation through the Michigan House and Senate Thursday, drawing raucous protests from throngs of stunned union supporters, whose outnumbered Democratic allies were powerless to stop it."


Nothing infuriates notorious pro-choice arenas as an individual gaining the right to chose.

Good for Michigan.  Next step: cut Detroit loose.  Watch it burn.  Create "New Detroit".  Send in Robocop.

White-Hispanic News
George Zimmerman plans to sue NBC for selectively editing his 911 Call.  Outstanding.  I hope he takes them to the cleaners and never has to work again.  I also believe it would be awesome if Spike Lee and the rest of the Liberal Fascists were held accountable, but that's kind of a pipe dream.

Weirdly, this news coincides with a newly released pic of young George on that fateful night:

Of course, this being America, I fully expect the family of Treyvon Martin to sue once George gets his settlement.

Benghazi Update
Head over to Beers With Demo to get a glimpse of how deep that rabbit hole is.

Weekend Stuff
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