Friday, January 11, 2013

A Response To Radical Journalism

A week or so back, a few newspapers took it upon themselves to publish the names and home addresses of all gun owners in a few New York counties.  The reasons stated?  Something something Newtown something.

Anyhoo, the response was actually surprising.  People fought back.  Bloggers found and posted the home addresses of the journalists associated with the earlier publication  Journalists then discovered the advantage of the second amendment, in their own little way.

Then I saw this over at L/I:

Back in November when I had my post-election meltdown, I proposed we, as right leaning folk, start using the tactics of the left.

So we crossed the line that usually stops us.  I'm not going to lie.  It feels very good to watch journalists cower and squirm when their own tactics are used against them.  On a side note: did the publishers not understand that a few of the hundreds of gun owners "exposed" might not take kindly to this action?

On the other hand, I know this is wrong and can lead to trouble.  Everything we do sets a precedent.  You do something once, and it gets easier the second time around.

The media was once the gatekeeper of truth.  Politicians had no leverage here, and were subject to scrutiny.  In turn, the unwashed masses trusted the media.  The journalism link failed, and the system is broken.

Maybe sending a message to the media will work.  It probably won't.  But what other alternative is there?

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