Monday, January 21, 2013


Taken from Protein Wisdom:
Obama is the anti-MLK – a child of great privilege whose melanin content comes from 23 Kenyan chromosomes; raised as a red-diaper baby by a Bank VP, attending a tony prep-school. What hardship or moment of deprivation or challenge did Barry ever face beyond a triple bogey on the back nine? Certainly, Dreams From My Father is no Letter from Birmingham Jail.
The article is disgusting"
Right on.  
And if I may add to the point: ardent supporter of the second amendment, aspired that people not be judged on skin color, jailed for anti-establishment belief system, anti-war pacifist.  He loved this country.  Someone we can look up to.
And for all his trials, all his successes, this is how he was immortalized:

Made in China and misquoted in the inscription.  Or to put it another way:

MLK was best known for action, leadership, courage, and oratory.  That statue reflects none of those features and is a disgrace.  Tear it down, start over.  For the next attempt capture this:


At least get his face right this time.  The current statue looks like "surly-alien-MLK".  He deserves better.
The Obama connection: nonexistent.  All Obama brings are identity politics, pandering to the lower aspects of human nature (hate, anger, jealousy), and cheap headlines.  No substance whatsoever.

And I'm pretty sure MLK didn't have kill lists.

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