Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuff (with updates)

"My resolutions are to run a marathon, learn how to use a smoker, start attending church every weekend, and read Volokh on a more frequent basis."

In the last month of pregnancy and getting over some nasty bronchitis, so marathon training is not going well.  Running twice a week max.  Gaining weight.  Just gotta keep trying, I guess.

Smoker: will attempt in spring when it isn't 15 degrees outside.  Materials and ingredients are at the ready, so all is well on that front.

Church-looking good.

Volokh-reading every morning.

Guns, etc.
Heading to the Bel Air Gun Show with a liberal, gun supporting friend next weekend.  He told me he is going to wear his "FORWARD" shirt.  I said that's fine with me, but remember: if questioned, I don't know you.

Probably will join the NRA while I am there.  Dean's rationale applies.

update-saw this over at Protein Wisdom:

Was the order done specifically to denote a societal hierarchy?

My wife can't even be in the room with me at this point when I watch hockey.  Reminds me of the best song from the  Sticky Fingers album:

update: oh my, it appears from the wording above some might think I was calling my wife something horrible.  Nononononono.  It was more a reflection on my own little addictions.

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