Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sequester Blame Game

The Sequester is unpopular, especially in the beltway.  Why? It's a cut to the government leviathan.  Far easier to levy tax than to make like an adult and cut spending.

Quite predictably, The Regime is in full spin mode of lie, blame the Republicans, leverage demand that taxes be raised in a fair manner, lie about the effects, lie some more, place our police and fireman* in the spotlight to pull heartstrings, and ultimately just threaten the country if we don't get our way.  The endgame kind of looks like this:

*aren't we, as government employees, prohibited from attending political events in uniform?  I always thought so.

It would be refreshing, just for once, if our leaders in DC had a less than puerile reaction to any crisis.  It would be even better if the left simply realized said crisis well in advance and dealt with it before they went on their second vacation** in this calendar year.  

**the country is in serious financial trouble and our betters are on vacation.  Again, a trend.  This is why there should be a Republican President.

But we've seen this before.  It's all part of the strategy.  Gin up the panic with the unwashed, and then postpone the crash.  I just wish the right had the balls to call the President.  Because no matter how many Woodward articles clearly stating this is the President's steaming pile, the MSM machine has their guy's back. Blame it on the dog, so to speak.

And so the right will cave at the top.  And this is why the right will continue losing.

update: Ya know, the right will never win in certain areas.  Why can't they just answer "Detroit", "California", or "Illinois" as a response to most issues?  Has anyone seen Detroit lately?  I was there in 2007 and for miles it looked like a neutron bomb was detonated.  Wonder how bad it is now.  What?  Why don't I go there and find out?  Screw that.

Weekend Stuff
Still in holding pattern waiting for the bairn to get here.  We've been taking walks, eating pizza, and have done everything but get a witch doctor in here to try and induce labor.  If anyone has any suggestions we are all ears.

Just for the hell of it, here's some U2:


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