Thursday, May 9, 2013

Benghazi Revisted (updated)

Only took 8 months, but we finally got someone who was there to testify.  Let the implications of that delay sink in.

Anyhoo, here is the testimony of Gregory Hicks, the deputy chief at Benghazi:

So lies, coverup, etc.  Although one thing that surprised me was the greater focus on the State Department, and not the White House.

One insane, tinfoil hat thought: what if Clinton took it upon herself to act as President that night?  We all remember the "3 AM phone call" speech she gave during the primaries.  She had knowledge at 2 AM that this was definitely not a spontaneous demonstration, and was an attack.  All indications pointed towards terrorism.

What if she thought the President incapable of handling the situation?  What if she wanted payback for being pushed aside for the Presidency? What if she did not notify the President in a timely manner, and gave the stand down order because in her judgement it wouldn't have made a difference at that point?

Of course, I could also speculate that Obama told her "You handle it I've got a flight to Vegas tomorrow".

Look, Clinton's past has shown her to be incompetent at her job and a cold-hearted sociopath.  I can see her making the call, watching it blow up in her face and in panic inventing the YouTube story.

Far fetched? Yeah.  But still worth talking about.

UPDATE: "Stylistic" changes to talking points.

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